Must See Marine Electronics in the 2018 Lauderdale International Boat Show

Fascinating marine electronics are featured at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show this year.

If you love boating then you shouldn’t miss to visit the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show this week. It starts on October 31 and continuous through November 4 and the event features a lot more to see than just boats.

The Bahia Mar venue features an Electronics tent which is full of amazing new marine technologies and gadgets. Below is a list of some must-see electronics at the Fort Lauderdale.

  1. FLIR/RaymarineClearCruise AR

It is dubbed as the first augmented-reality (AR) system specially designed for boaters. The FLIR/RaymarineClearCruise AR integrates with the high-definition video that the CAM 210 HD video camera is capable of taking.

The camera detects s objects on the water that’s stabilized to avoid blurs by the Raymarine AR200 module for video stabilization. Symbols are then placed as overlay on the objects being detected and is fed into a chart plotter that is found on the Raymarine Axiom multifunction display. It also utilizes an electronic chart showing information that can help identify the objects that appear on the video in the MFD display.

To complete the high-tech looks and functions, there are text boxes that appear and pop-up to show information or even describe objects that match the contents in the chart and even in the waypoints and AIS data. The AR200 retails at $499.99 while the CAM210HD is at $699.99. Get then at

  1. Furuno TZT2BB

It’s the black-box version of the NavNet TZtouch2 system and besides its dark color, it is also capable of driving two MFD system like the Furuno 17-inch, 19-inch or even the 24-inch display variant. The machine supports full HD video input all in HDMI format.

This allows users to connect multiple High-resolution cameras, sonar or even some supported entertainment systems. With the TZT2BB, you can enjoy a fish finder that is built-in within the system and is capable of being loaded with vector, raster and other fishing charts that supports the western hemisphere. Its compatibility with Navionics and C-Map charts just makes it on top of its competitors!

And of course, the option of having it networked with almost all of the current Furuno sonar systems, radar and other sensors and instruments just make it awesome! It costs under $6000 though so you might want to think it out first before shelling-off some cash for it. But if you can afford it then by all means, get it!

  1. Fusion Apollo Series

This new Apollo marine entertainment system features two source units and both are top-of-the-line! Yes! I can handle RA770 and if you choose to get the more compact one then you’ll need the SRX400. RA770 features a 4.3-inch display that’s easy-to-use and navigate – thanks to its touchscreen design.

And that’s not all, it also has a built-in Wi-Fi streaming feature DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology and even an audio-distribution capability by PartyBus. Users can enjoy any playlist with simple taps on the screen to control play, pause, next or previous.

Swiping can also be done just like on smartphones. SRX400 on the other hand features a smaller 2.7-inch display with DSP, PartyBus and Wi-Fi streaming capabilities. RA770 retails at $649, SRX400 is currently at $349. You can get them at

  1. Garmin PanoptixLiveScope

Another premium boating equipment by Garmin, the PanoptixLiveScope is capable of producing high-resolution images of bait, swimming fish or even structures underwater and it does all these amazing things in real time!

The device has won 2018’s ICAST Best of Show award in July making it a reliable tool for anglers and fishing enthusiasts. LiveScope delivers clear images for anglers that it makes possible the identification of the fish species as they swim by. The system makes use of the GLS10 box with the LVS32 transducer.

They can be placed/mounted on a trolling motor or on the boat’s transom. LiveScope works with a wide range of GPSMap and Garmin EchoMap displays. It costs $1,499.99 and you can get it from

  1. Icom M85 Handheld VHF

A small waterproof radio that doesn’t lack in features! Yes! It’s very useful equipment for every boater and definitely makes a perfect gift for someone who loves boating. It features all VF channels with 100 more land mobile channel support.

There’s also a voice scrambler that is built-in with it for private communications over the radio. The M85 is packed with features that you’ll surely need  when you’re boating which includes the automated emergency alarm. M85 currently sells at 299.99 and you can get it from


  1. Lowrance HDS Live

HDS Live has been introduced by Lowrance and it features LiveSight among other awesome capabilities. Placing LiveSight’s transducer in a bow-facing position will allow you to look sideways no matter where the boat points. Point it down and you’ll be able to see what’s below.

Whatever the sonar beam signal can reach – LiveSight produces images for them I real time. The system operates in 240 kHz and when LiveSight is fired up using the Lowrance Point-1 antenna for GPS, an indicator on the chart displays information about the direction where the transducer is pointing.

This aids in easier connecting of waypoints or find the structure where your favorite fishing spot is. It is available in 7, 9, 23 and 16-inch display size variants. HDS Live starts at $949 to $4,499 while the LiveSight transducer is at $999. Find them at

  1. Nautic-On

A digital platform that helps improve the experience of boat ownership with its connectivity and service features.

The device is developed by Brunswick Corporation – one of the marine equipment giants at present and just like its other products, the system is highly-capable of doing different things for a boat owner. For instance, it communicates a boat’s location and other data with the use of wireless sensors that are attached to an onboard hub.

To make things easier for customers, all the data are accessible using the Nautic-On application which comfortably interprets and provides information about the boat’s overall condition including the operating systems and the key components in it. An alert will also be sent to customers in case a system is having some malfunction. The system is compatible to new boat models and it can easily be retrofitted to your existing boats. The price starts at $600 on

  1. Ocean Signal ATB 1

Ocean Signal just got better with the ATB 1 transponder which integrates Self Organised Time Division Multiple Access (SOTDMA) through the Class B AIS transponder giving it the power it needs to increase visibility and safety in navigation.

The technology that SOTDMA has ensures that position reports are without loss and delay making them a priority every time. The 5-watt output power makes signal transmission reach further distances when compared to just the 2W standard power. The 99 acquired channels combined with the 33 tracking channels make it highly-reliable.

And not just that, it also has a powerful multi-GPS receiver which continually updates the vessels position, course, heading, speed and much other information which is great for global positioning that’s a lot more accurate than ever! The device is new that it hasn’t received authorization by the existing rules by the Federal Communications Commission. The device itself is not going to be offered for sale or for lease until proper authorization is obtained.

  1. Simrad Halo24 Dome Radar

The solid-state pulse compression technology of the Simrad Halo24 radar is packed within a lightweight and compact case ready for some low-profile yet high-power radome applications that is perfect for every style and size of boat.

With its 60 per minute rotation (rpm) that can cover distances of up to a couple nautical miles, Halo24 is capable of giving quick refresh rates which is critical for situations that involve limited visibility. The 24-inch diameter dome is a new one which offers up to 48-nautical mile of outside range. It is capable of processing multiple ranges making it reliable in every situation. Additionally, the radar features VelocityTrack technology which involves a Doppler system to provide visual feedback instantly especially for targets that are in motion.

It’s capable of color coding vessels that are approaching on your direction to give better awareness of the situation. Halo24 is also going to be available for Simrad’s sister brands Lowrance and B&G (for the sailing market customers). It’s going to be integrated in the current MFDs. Price starts at $2,699 and is available at

  1. Spot X

This communication device integrates different ways of connecting to emergency services and other communication platforms. Yes! Spot X offers two-way messaging and has a keyboard, social media linking and even GPS.

In emergency cases, you can use it for directly communicating with emergency services. The device is portable and lightweight so it is easy to carry around whenever you’re on your boat in the open seas.

It utilizes satellite communications to provide boaters and anglers with a comfortable way to communicate with friends and family back home and if needed, a rescue personnel. Spot X gives users a unique mobile number that provides users to make a call any time when needed. It has a 2.7-inch backlit display and is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Waterproofing is at IP67 rating and it has a built-in compass so you can find your way easily when lost.

Waypoints and other GPS information can be loaded to it for navigation. At $249 plus additional service fee, this device is a good steal! Get it at

  1. Standard Horizon HX40 Handheld VHF

The new Standard Horizon HX40 is a handheld VHF radio that features an ultra-compact design, a waterproof casing and a transmit power of up to 6 watts. There are 10 preset channels that you can select from and you can even do a scan of different channels with its easy-to-operate menu.

It boasts a three-year warranty for your peace of mind and the device itself offers weather channels by NOAA which provide weather alerts. It’s also equipped with FM broadcast radio receiver and is available at $119.99 at

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