Be Ready to See Faster Electric Boats with the Debut of Twice the Power Motors by Torqeedo


Torqueedo has been leading the electric motor industry for years especially those that are intended for aquatic applications. They’ve been producing motors ranging from 500W to 50KW for years now.

However, with the increasing demand in speedier boats, Torqeedo has announced their eagerness to adapt to the trend with their new motors that are rated at 100kw. This goes along with other new smaller products in the product line.

The New 100kW Torqeedo Deep Blue Motors

The new Deep Blue 100 kW motors by Torqeedo is available in two models. One is designed for displacement boats while the other is designed for speed boats.

The Deep Blue 100 kW 100i 2400 is the one that gives higher RPM for high top speeds and quicker acceleration rates. The motor boasts 390 Nm of torque helping speed boats speed up onto a plane faster than what the usual combustion engines can reach. This is because of the inherent torque that is almost instantly available in electric motors. The 2,400 RPM speed machine features a direct-drive design for low-maintenance purposes. This is another advantage that it has when compared to conventional internal combustion engines.


On the other hand, there’s the other model named Deep Blue 100i 900 which features a lower RPM rate but still has 100 kW of power. The lower RPM is designed to power larger displacement boats like yachts that are up to 120 feet (37 meters) long.

According to Torqeedo, they have added this new product line into the Deep Blue family to support emission-free power with ultimate torque but require low maintenance. It is powered by high-capacity Deep Blue batteries with technology from BMW.

BMW i3 Batteries: What’s New?

Torqeedo has sealed their partnership with BMW last summer to earn right’s in using the i3 battery packs. At that time, i3 only packed 33 kWh of power within itself.

But with the recent announcement of an upgrade to the i3 battery pack by BMW, it now has a larger 42.2 kWh power stored which can extend the range not just of i3 being an on-demand power pack but also for the watercraft that it’s going to provide power for. Torqeedo announced that they’ll be using the upgraded i3 battery packs as their energy storage for upcoming electric boats.


The company itself stated that the latest 40 kWh i3 Type Deep Blue battery is bringing in the automotive-grade lithium-ion battery pack technology which is a famed masterpiece by BMW towards the marine industry. It offers up to 30 percent more in terms of storage capacity when compared to its previous versions. The battery pack charges up to 75 percent in just 1.5 hours of charging time in cases where proper equipment and enough shore power is available. The new i3 battery pack contains an energy density that tops the industry with comprehensive systems for safety of course. Torqeedo has made sure that that the Deep Blue battery suits the requirements of the marine environment and setting and they offer a nine-year warranty on battery capacity.

New Smaller Motors by Torqeedo

The large motors are not then only new ones released by Torqeedo, there also are smaller motors which were introduced for 2019 and all are designed for smaller boats and watercrafts.

The new Travel 1103 C electric motor for instance is designed for dinghies and small inflatable boats often used for rescue operations. It is a 1.1 kW motor that integrates a 915 Wh battery that is capable of snapping into place just above the motor. It has an equivalent power of a 3hp internal combustion engine and can provide power for boats up to 3,300 lbs. (1,500 kg).

It’s not built for speed but Torqeedo is claiming that it can give up to 20 hours of power when powering a watercraft at 2 knots (2.3 mph/ 3.7 km/h). This translates to an equivalent traveled range of 74 km or 46 miles. When stepped up to 5.5 knots (6 mph/ 10 km/h), the range moves down to 10 km (6 mi). It’s not quite enough if you’re looking for a pleasure cruise but pretty enough for tenders and dinghies which are exactly what this motor is built for.

The Ultralight Electric Motors for Kayaks

Torqeedo has also introduced the new Ultralight motor system which is capable of being mounted to a kayak in order to convert it into an electric boat.

It’s designed for those who love to do sport or kayak fishing. The Ultralight system features a GPS that is built-in with it so anglers can easily find their way to fishing spots.

The Ultralight motor system provides two options for battery power. You can choose between 320 or 916 Wh. Using a larger battery, the motor can provide propulsion for over 100 kilometers (62) miles at 2.3 knots (2.6 mph/ 4.2 km/h) speed.

Are these motors good enough? Did they excite the boating geek in you? Will you go and get an electric boat soon? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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