Everything You Need To Know about Yachts

A yacht is a recreational boat which people use for leisure purposes. Previously yachts were used by the Dutch navy to chase after the pirates and other people who entered their shallow waters. There are two types of yachts, one type is used for sailing, and the other is used for powerboats. Now yachts are mostly used for recreational purposes, and they are considered as a luxury boat. The average length of the boat is about 33ft, and it can even be up to 100ft in size. Smaller yachts are usually called as the cruiser or the cabin cruiser.

Materials used to make yachts:

Most of the yachts are made up of wood and steel. With the development of technology, many other materials are used to make yachts today. Some of the materials which are used today are fiberglass, aluminum, steel, carbon fiber and Ferro cement. Ferro cement is rarely used as it has some insurance issues.

Type of yachts:

Day sailing:

These yachts are usually small, and it is mostly only about 20ft in length. The day sailing boats are usually called as dinghies. These boats have a centerboard, retractable keel and dagger board. The day sailing yachts usually do not have a cabin as they are mostly designed in a way that they are to be used for a short travelling period and not for an overnight stay. There is a cuddy which is built to store small equipment and to protect the yacht from the wind.


Weekend yachts:

You can know by the name that the weekend yachts are used for staying overnight, and thus they are slightly larger than the day sailing yachts. They are usually about 31ft in length, and they have twin keels which allow these type of yachts to move easily in shallow waters. These boats are hull shaped, and they are designed in a way that they are capable of undertaking a short journey for about 2 to 3 days. Smaller versions of weekend yachts are called as pocket cruisers ortrailer sailers.


These type of yachts are one of the most common types, and many people use the cruisers for recreational purposes. These boats are usually about 25 to 46 ft in length, and they are designed beautifully and complexly. The cruisers are designed in such a way that it is capable of taking many people on for a longer distance. These type of boats are usually called as the cruiser-racer, and it is designed with better rigs, sails, keels and controls to increase the performance of the boat.

Luxury sailing yachts:

Luxury yachts are more than 82 ft. in length, and they are designed with all the possible modern convenience you can imagine. These yachts have air-conditioning, television, electric lighting, Global Positioning Systems, refrigerators etc.

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