Comparing a Marine Motor from a Car Motor

When it comes to fixing your boat, you may have come to a point where you have to replace its marine motor with a new one. When you look for available engines at the market, you will notice that car motors are priced affordable compared to marine motors. Few questions then come into mind: If that is the case, is it possible to interchange them? And if not, what are the difference between the two? Let’s answer those question down below.

  • Marine Motors Can Withstand Corrosion

  • Unlike car motors, marine motors are built with the ocean in mind. That means, they can resist corrosion that is often caused by water. All parts of the marine motor can withstand corrosion because most of the time they are going to spend the rest of their lives underwater anyway. This contrasts to car motors which are made specifically for dry environments. With that said, these two engines are not interchangeable.
  • Marine Motors Are More Durable

  • Car motors only use a portion of its horsepower for it to maintain speed on the road. However, marine motors can go full throttle for it to move freely on the water. That means it needs to be heavy duty to keep up at top speed. The camshaft of a marine motor is built to get as much low-end torque as possible, compared to a car motor where it has to use a high RPM horsepower for it to perform. A marine engine only has one gear, whereas the car engine has four.
  • Major Components Are Different Between the Two

  • The alternator, distributor, as well as the starter in a marine engine are different from the ones you can find on a car engine. All of them has special screens that are designed to eliminate internal sparks that may create gas fumes in the boat. Using an engine without these special screens on its components is a recipe for disaster that may lead to serious accidents in the long run.
  • They Are Operated in Different Ways

  • Car motors are used more often compared to marine motors. This is essential for a car engine because its battery, as well as its components, can become weaker if not used for long periods of time. It’s a different story for marine motors, because they are built to be used less often for them to perform well. This is another reason why they aren’t interchangeable.
  • There’s a Wide Variety of Marine Motors to Choose From

  • If you take a look at the market or online engine stores, you will notice that there are several types of marine motors that are available around. And these are:
  1. Outboard motor – specifically used for fishing and pleasure boats. This motor is self-contained where the propeller, engine, and steering control are all in one unit that can be attached at the back of the boat.
  2. Inboard motor – this motor uses gas or diesel fuel to run. This motor has the rudder, shaft, and propeller go underneath the boat. Inboard motor is much more powerful compared to outboard motors.


  • Whatever you choose, you must opt for one that is suitable for your boat and all its components. It’s also advisable to take a look at the manual first to see what engine is best for your boat. Happy boating!

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