Author: Ray

Traveling in Costa Brava

For the holidays, the Costa Brava is really a place out of the ordinary. You can enjoy beautiful landscapes, in an almost permanent sunshine, in the heart of a Spanish typical and unspoilt region, including the major cities, like Roses or Ampuriabrava were still able to modernize and adapt to the needs of tourism. Nestled […]

5 Spots for Boating in Cali

There is no place where you delight in boating more than in California. This gorgeous location has a lot to give however it pertains to boating the options are much more plentiful here. The options are so many that you can not even envision! There are huge ocean front coastlines, and this provides you boating […]

Tips for Buying a Yacht

There is a lot of things to consider before buying a new yacht or a pre-owned boat. People often say that buying a yacht is as tricky as buying a house. One of the first things to consider is to have a clear idea of what kind of sailing you are going to do with […]

Everything You Need To Know about Yachts

A yacht is a recreational boat which people use for leisure purposes. Previously yachts were used by the Dutch navy to chase after the pirates and other people who entered their shallow waters. There are two types of yachts, one type is used for sailing, and the other is used for powerboats. Now yachts are […]